Price list

Quick price list:

Information - Terms and Conditions

Payment in advance, at the time of rental.

Deposit will only be refunded if cancellation is made at least one week prior to the scheduled rental date.

No refund will be made for unused time in the event of early return of equipment, except in the following cases

 The reason for the early termination is due to unexpected, extremely adverse weather conditions (rain all day, temperatures well below normal for the time of year – below 10 degrees Celsius in summer);

the equipment handed over early is rented by someone else at the time paid for.

Transport is also paid for in advance, based on an estimate of the distance.

At the end of the rafting trip, an adjustment will be made to the actual cost (refund or surcharge).

The client agrees to return the equipment undamaged and clean. The extra charge for cleaning and washing is 50 PLN/kayak.

Damage to the equipment is charged at 125% of the purchase price of new equipment in the shop.

The customer is responsible for the equipment until it is returned to the rental company!

Although it goes without saying, we would like to remind you that if the trip is not “organised” by us (fee per person) and the client only rents the equipment and possibly orders transport, we are not responsible for any external conditions, e.g. water level, overgrown riverbed, portages, fallen trees, weather, lack of accommodation, lack of strength or skills of the client. In all situations, including organised rafting, the client is responsible for their own state of sobriety, wearing a safety vest and behaving in a manner appropriate to the situation on the water.

In the case of ‘organised’ canoeing, we are also not responsible for the client’s choice of route – we do our best to provide as much information as we can and suggest the best tested sections, but what the client encounters along the way is rarely up to us. It is an important part of communing with nature that it is changeable.

Use of the rental services implies acceptance of the above conditions.

Detailed price list (valid from 1 June 2022):

Equipment hire

  • We accept payment by cash, credit card and bank transfer.

  • We hire equipment for an unlimited period on the day of hire.

  • Prices are valid from 1 May to 30 October

The price of a standard hire includes:

  • Canoe or kayak with mooring
  • Oars or paddles
  • Life jackets
  • Sponge or cloth for cleaning the water (on request)
  • Extra bed for a child (on request)
  • Soft pad (extra foam) for seat (on request)
  • For river rafting, 1 dart per rafting trip (on request)
  • Use of the beach


 Trolley for carrying canoes on shuttles (on request, payable PLN 15/day)


Gross price (PLN)

Equipment for up to 2 people: e.g. 2-person kayak, SUP; 1 day – no time limit; on site


Full day (away from base)

                1 day


2-3 nights


4-7 nights


8-14 nights


over 14 nights


Larger units: canoe 3 persons, canoe 4 persons, pedal boat, rowing boat; transparent canoe – day; on site


Electric bicycle (on land); 1 day


Classic bicycle (on land); 1 day


Use of slips;

Use of beach (jetty, benches, etc.) 1 day; group up to 6 people


Organised rafting, one day (price per person)

Distance from base*

14-28 people

9-14 people

4-8 people

10 km (zone A)




25 km (zone B)




50km (Zone C)




~100km+ (Zone D)**

Individual prices

Individual prices

Individual prices


Rafting time (excluding travel)

Up to 4 hours

4-8 hours per day






Raft guide




Explanations and other information

Rafting for 1-3 people is possible, but the total price is the price for 4 people minus 20 PLN (e.g. in zone A it would be 280 PLN, in zone B – 360 PLN in D – 480 PLN).

The minimum price for rafting with transport, regardless of the number of people, is 200 PLN.

We can transport up to 14 canoes per transport. Rafting trips for more than 30 people are priced individually.

* Distance from the starting point – average distance from the starting point to the end point in a straight line. The actual distance during a canoe trip is more than four times longer (two courses in two directions, not in a straight line). For example, in Zone A – a distance of less than 25 km – the actual distance is more than 120 km.

Please book lifeguards well in advance (preferably a month in advance) as they are in high demand during the season.

** For lifeguarding in zone D (more than 100 km), estimates are given, the price is agreed on a case-by-case basis.

*** Gross prices, per lifeguard. For rafting trips with more than 15 people we recommend 2 lifeguards.

Prices (both for rentals on site and for rafting trips) in the period from 1 November to 1 May are negotiated individually, depending on the situation and the number of kayaks rented.

Map of zones for run-off price calculations

Examples of rafting trips:

zone A: Drwęca in close section, Iławka, Iłga, Tynwałd, Jeziorak eastern shore from Iława to Doba, J. Łabędź, J. Tynwałdzkie.

Zone B: Grabiczek, upper Drweca, upper Osa, lower Wel, Iławskie Canals, J. Ewingi and Canals, naer Elbląg Canal.

Zone C: middle Drwęca, Skarlanka, upper Wel, middle Osa, Marózka, upper Pasłęka and Gilma, Szkotówka, further part Elbląg Canal.

Zone D: middle Pasłeka, Wałsza, Wąska, Bauda, Dzierzgoń, Liwa, Gardęga, lower Osa, lower Drwęca, Łyna, Dymer, Dadaj, Kośna, Kiermas, Wadąg, Pisa Warmińska, Wkra, Wierzyca, lower Vistula….

Equipment transport (individual raft and boat transport) - one trailer

Less than 100 km (one way)

More than 100 km

More than 200 km

More than 300 km

2.90 PLN/km (minimum 50 zł)

2.50 PLN/km         

2.20 PLN/km

2,00 PLN/km

Transporting people

When canoeing away from base camp, it may be more cost effective for the driver to stay on site (he is then available to the canoeing party, e.g. canoes can be transported during the canoe trip).

Waiting driver:


in high season (June, July, August)

One hour

100 PLN

140 PLN

Up to 8 persons with equipment: free of charge

8-14 persons

14-28 persons

28-40 persons

over 40

5 zł/km (minimum 50 zł)

7,5 zł/km


10 zł/km

to be agreed

Charges at the depot


Base price

for clients

Parking of cars or trailers

15 PLN/day

During rafting 10 PLN/day, for rentals under 12 hours – free of charge

Camping stay

35 PLN/person/day

25 PLN/person/day

Use of showers – hot water

15 PLN

15 PLN


Access to electricity (small consumption – e.g. phone charging)

5 PLN/day/person

25 PLN/day/group up to 10 persons 5 PLN/day/person

5 PLN/day/person

25 PLN/day/group up to 10 persons 5 PLN/day/person

* Tent pitch, access to cold water and WC, possibility to light a campfire (free fuel for campfire), use of rain shelter, bicycle shed, jetty, sand pit and drying area.

Access to electricity is charged according to consumption.

Price list for additional equipment hire



Deposit* (PLN)




Waterproof sheet 2×3 m or larger



waterproof bag (20, 40, 60, 80 l)



Waterproof bag for documents



carrimat 8mm



Kayak trolley for portaging



bicycle bags



Bicycle helmet



Paddle (not included in normal rental)



* payable in case of loss/damage of equipment

Boat wintering and use of slip


PLN 100 per 1 m of hull length, from 1 November to 30 April. Prolongation 20 PLN per 1m of hull length and month started.

Uncovered space (tarpaulin suggested), fenced, guarded, possibility of launching and unloading on site, transport up to 750 kg.

Use of slip – 50 PLN. Launching and unloading with our equipment – PLN 200 (light boats and up to 7 m, wintering without trailer).