Accommodation on our campsite

We do not offer accommodation – but you can pitch a tent or camper.



Standard price

For canoe clients

Accommodation in a campsite (for rental clients only) Standard*

25 PLN/person/day

the night before the canoe trip: 15 PLN/person/day

Placing a “camper”

15 PLN/day

10 PLN/day

Access to electricity (small consumption – e.g. phone charging)

5 zł/day/person

20 zł/day/group

5 zł/person/day

20 zł/day/group


* Tent pitching, access to cold water and WC, possibility to light a campfire (fuel for campfire free of charge), use of a rain shelter, bicycle stand, jetty, sand pit and clothes dryer.

Use of showers – 10 PLN

Access to electricity at a higher price.

The campsite is located in the forest, is small (up to 50 people) and is mainly intended for people renting equipment, water sports enthusiasts and cyclists.

For those looking for accommodation, we recommend:

  • Apartments next door (approx. 100 m)
  • Valley of Relaxation (about 1 km)
  • Bajka Resort in Maków (about 2.5 km)
  • Windyki (about 5 km)
  • Chmielówka (about 10 km)
  • Bobrowa Chata (about 20 km)