Canoeing routes

A variety of canoeing routes in Warmia, Mazury and the surrounding area

Our canoe hire service offers the possibility of starting a canoe trip from the base in Jazdzówki itself, as well as organising canoe trips on numerous nearby rivers, canals and lakes.

Possible routes from the base in Jazdzówki:

  • South – Jeziorak to Iława, Mały Jeziorak, Moty Bay
  • to Iława, then canoeing down the Iława River and then the Drwęca River.
  • West – Lake Widłągi
  • north – Jeziorak to the islands, Siemiany and further north to Matyt
  • to Matyt and then through the channel to Lake Ewingi
  • to the islands and then to Lake Płaskie
  • to the islands and then through the canal to Miłomłyn
  • to Miłomłyn and then to Ostróda to Ostróda Lakes, through the canal to Szeląg Wieki, Mały and then to Miłomłyn.
  • to Miłomłyn and then to the Elbląg Canal
  • through the Elbląg Canal to the Vistula Lagoon, to Elbląg, Gdańsk, Malbork, the Vistula River
  • to Ostróda and then on the Elga River to Gil Lake
  • to Ostróda and then down the Drwęca River to the Vistula.


The most popular rafting trips are Drwęca on the section Franciszkowo-Raczek, Gromoty-Rodzone or Raczek-Mszanowo, as well as rafting on the Iławka and Elbląg canals (especially on the sections with rafts).

Other possible routes in the vicinity (within a radius of about 80 km):

  • Drwęca from Drwęck, Ostróda, Samborowo, Franciszkowo, Gromot (very close to the base, an exceptionally easy river, perfect for rafting for beginners and those who do not like obstacles)
  • From Dąbrówno to the mouth of the Wkra River
  • Iławka (a small charming river with forest sections) [NW]
  • Skarlanka and Brodnicka Struga and many lakes connected by them – the Brodnica Lake District Trail [NW].
  • Osa [NW]
  • Liwa [NW]
  • Gardęga (a very steep river in its lower reaches, almost “mountainous”, attracting experienced adventurous canoeists) [NW]
  • Lutryna [NW]
  • Rypienica [NW]
  • Dzieżgoń [NW]
  • Pasłęka from Lake Isąg (a difficult but beautiful river in many sections, full of surprises, rather for experienced canoeists) is a reserve.
  • Łyna from its source to the Polish border (canoeing on the reserve section of Łyna from Lake Łańskie to the village of Ruś requires a special permit from the Nature Conservator).
  • Wałsza from Pieniężno to the mouth of the river (with a very steep gradient, difficult and very “hilly”, it is worth choosing the period just after heavy rainfall) [NW].
  • Dymer, Dadaj, Pisa and Wadąg [NW].
  • Babant and Krutynia
  • Kośna
  • Marózka (the section below Swaderki is one of the most beautiful rivers in Poland – crystal clear, natural, submerged in a forested gorge)
  • Wkra
  • Mławka
  • Kiermas Canal [NW]
  • Juranda Canal [NW]
  • Narie Lake and Miłakówka River [NW]
  • Omulew
  • Sawica
  • Orzyc
  • Branches of the Vistula Nogat and Szkarpawa
  • Wąska [NW]
  • Banówka [NW]
  • Wierzyca
  • Wisła – lower section from Toruń to its mouth


Note – some rivers and canals are only navigable when the water level is high. Unfortunately this can change quickly and the possibility of low water should always be taken into account. Rivers where low water occurs more frequently are marked [NW], but in the upper reaches it is possible on almost all rivers.

Other possible routes (over 80 km)

We also organise trips to Latvia and Lithuania. In Latvia we recommend rafting on the river Gaea and in Lithuania on the river Ula.

We can organise canoe trips on any other river – even abroad. Sometimes it is worth it – for longer trips we accept lower prices per kilometre.

You are also welcome to join us on other rivers – see “our rafting trips” for details.


We recommend rafting on the Drwęca, Iławka, Skarlanka (Brodnica Lake District), Vele, Wkra, Dadaj, Pasłęka, Wałsza and Marózka – one of the most beautiful rivers in Masuria.

The Pomeranian rivers are more distant, but still easily accessible, including the particularly beautiful Wda, Brda, Łupawa, but also others such as Słupia, Radunia, Łeba, Gwda and the Great Mazurian Lakes and numerous rivers there, including the rarely used Orzysz-Wilkus-Pisa, Sapina-Węgorapa, Dajna, Gołdapa

As for the more distant rivers, we recommend rafting on the Gaia and Ula. If conditions are favourable, we also recommend rafting on the Ogre and Nemunas rivers.