Canoes, kayaks, bicycles and other equipment you can hire from us

We rent out kayaks (also transparent) and canoes (canoe, kayak), from one to four-person canoes, SUPs, rowing boats, pedal boats, pedalos and pedalos, including electric bikes.


Perception Vista multipurpose two-seater kayak

Polyethylene 485x82 cm, approx. 40 kg. Recommended for long trips with luggage and on lakes and canals, spacious and manoeuvrable. Very comfortable, low drag. Stable, fast, single cockpit, easy to exit. It has the option of adding an extra child seat (approx. 2-7 years) between the large seats. We own and supply these child seats.

Aquarius Rio light two person kayak

Polyethylene 405x82 cm, 31 kg. A light, simple kayak for shorter rafting trips or without luggage. Comfortable, stable, single cockpit, easy to exit the kayak, has displacement chambers - little room for luggage.

Roteko Sprinter two person paddle kayak

Polyethylene 414x78 cm, 35 kg. Recommended mainly for small rivers with many obstacles. Short and agile kayak, specially shaped flat and raised bow makes it easy to pass over fallen trees. Sturdy single cockpit, easy to get out of the kayak on obstacles.

Trip Voyager two person expedition kayak

Polyethylene 430x80 cm, approx. 37 kg. Recommended for large and small lakes and rivers. Two-seater, large, wide, stable and very packable, yet relatively agile.

Roteko Nati spacious two person kayak

Polyethylene 450x95, approx. 47 kg. Very wide, stable, packable and very resistant. Large cockpit. Good for winding, rocky rivers, but also for longer rafting trips. Wide, comfortable seats - recommended for people who feel cramped in other kayaks - everyone will fit.

Three-seater kayak Family 3 (Bekayaker)

Polyethylene 499x82 cm, 52 kg. Three full size seats in a normal kayak. Little room for luggage, more for day trips. Great for lakes and quiet rivers.

Carolina 14 expedition single (Perception)

Polyethylene 427x62, 23 kg. Luxurious and very fast. Recommended for lakes and rivers without major obstacles. Long, rather narrow, but packable and stable, relatively light. Low buoyancy, comfortable. Two sealed compartments for luggage.

Single-person universal kayak Sedina (Scorpio Kayak)

Polyethylene 374x70, 25 kg. Kayak with intermediate characteristics, medium length (and speed) and luggage capacity (one compartment for luggage), high (34 cm). Perfect for varied rivers with both difficult and calm or lake sections.

Prijon Canyon rapids kayak for one person

Polyethylene 330x60 cm, 19 kg. Recommended for small rivers with many obstacles and mountain rivers. A light, short and very manoeuvrable kayak with a slightly raised stern to make it easier to negotiate fallen trees. Best suited for small (up to 60 kg) or very experienced paddlers.

Transparent two person kayak Evo

7 mm polycarbonate, 340x85(100) cm, 29 kg. Allows observation of water depth and bottom. Raised seats. Particularly useful on clear, transparent waters and rivers. Short, manoeuvrable, lightweight. Less stable.

2-3 person canoes standard various

Recommended for longer rafting trips (lots of luggage space), fishing (comfortable seating, stability), short trips and games (very easy to get in and out), for 3 people. Easy to drive and steer.

4-Seater Lux Armadillo Canoe (Akwen)

Recommended for family trips (very large, roomy and stable, but also heavy), for lakes and large rivers without obstacles and for very long rafting trips (offers huge and comfortable luggage space). Please note: Large boat - higher rental price.

Szuwarek Rowing Boat (Roto-boat)

Polyethylene 258x144 cm, approx. 75 kg, 3-person double hull. Load capacity 350 kg. Possibility to install own motor up to 2 hp (1500 W).

SUP Boards (F2 Aloha 12'2 Blue)

PVC 372x80x15 cm, 11.5 kg, 370 litre volume, 165 kg load capacity. Large, stable, versatile board, ideal for learning and advanced touring, quite fast. Equipped with luggage racks, can be fitted with a kayak seat.

Water bikes

Bartos 405

4 comfortable seats in front + one for a child, platform in front. Stable.

Taxi - with slide

2 comfortable seats in front, 3 in back, platform in back, slide for children. Stable.


rower grafika

Electric country bikes

Ortler Montreux 6100 Intube Wave - 60 Nm, 500 Wh, Nexus 8
and Winora Sima N7f wave 500 Wh Bosch Active.

Classic bikes

Miscellaneous, including youth.

Miscellaneous equipment

Waterproof bags

Various capacities (15-150 litres, mostly 60-80 litres), materials and constructions. Also smartphone cases.


Aluminium fibrillar, straight 225 cm, 1 kg (Egalis), also rotatable 45 degrees, wooden, long 240 cm and foldable Wooden pagayas (Szmagliński), various lengths 120-160 cm, also small - for children.


Trolleys for canoes

Also for canoes.


Other: canoe, bicycle and camping equipment

Children's seats for Vist, children's paddles, darts, helmets, backpacks and bicycle bags, shovels, tarpaulins, sleeping mats, ropes, etc.